" Remarkable for her incredible sense of rythm, the dancer also seduces with her expressive face when performing an item telling one of those legendary stories."
Danser – n° 127


" … She was given the best teaching in all India, with Sri Rajendra Kumar Gangani, in Kathak Kendra of new Delhi. Since those times, she keeping going round the world, astonished with her talent."
Le Parisien


" Her dark eyes are rolling, circled with Kajal, under expressive eyebrows. A find hand gets down her face, as her nude feets are composing, beating the floor, a nice and melodic rythm."
Le Monde


" Body and soul dedicated to her art, the Kathak dancer Sharmila Sharma seduced, this Friday, the audience of Asiatic Arts Museum. [...] We saw her twirling around, her shining silk dress opening like a flower, putting in evidence her undeniable grace."
Nice Matin


" As soon as she knew walking, delicate Sharmila was lifted up by wings of dance."
Nice Matin


" With rigor and professionalism, this dancer, as strong as she is delicate, gave the MJC students a hard rythm."
Ouest France


"Sharmila Sharma took the audience to unknown places."


"For Lille 3000, she is the one who, with the Montalvo-Hervieu Comapny, set up the choregraphies for the Opening Parade."
Nord Éclair