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asdf - surrey (canada) - 24/06/2012 20:30 
hi thanksf or this
Sushmita Das - Ahmedabad (India) - 03/05/2012 10:17 
mohammad akhtar - flushing, ny (usa) - 19/09/2011 16:33 
Hi Sharmila, How are you
I got excited to see the quote on dancing. No one can deny the truth about it. There is no spec in the cosmos whih is not dancing that one can imagine. The moon dancing around the earth, which is itself dancing with is inmates arond the sun and so other heavenly bodies in millions and trillions with an oderly symtrical pace.
Thanks for enlightening
Jiten Bardwaj - Panchkula, Hry (India) - 15/03/2011 16:42  Mail
Kathak in gay Paris! I have spent most of last fifty years just across the Channel, where all forms of Indian music and dances make a good evening and night.
And, so I return to the India of centuries, we have given, shown and lived by our ultimate realities. Unfortunately we were too relaxed after we had beaten the enemy, and then forgive them. That proved our loss of wars to the murderous farangees- and so here we are. Jai Hind.
Many - Paris (France) - 09/03/2010 22:55 
Shukriyah Guru-ji...
neeru - karnal (india) - 04/02/2010 08:13 
madam, your performance in tarana (with guruji) is mesmerising.i view it several times a day.
Nathalie - region parisienne (France) - 22/11/2009 22:10 
Pati - (Suisse) - 01/12/2008 00:13 
Dhiraj Shah - Granite Bay, CA (USA) - 20/11/2008 05:32 
Very beautyful and gracious dance. Mr. Gangani and Ms. Sharma
ludivine - lausanne (suisse) - 10/09/2008 12:01 
bahut sundar!
Marcelo - () - 30/08/2008 14:52 
thanh-lan - bures sur yvette 91440 (france) - 31/05/2008 14:23 
Nikita - Toronto (Canada) - 03/03/2008 23:40 
Bonjour Sharmila,

J'ai regarde votre video et je l'ai aime. Je fais du kathak aussi, depuis 2004 et j'adore danser. Mon enseignante s'appelle Saveeta Sharma. Je danse sous sa direction depuis fevrier 2007. J'ai 8 ans et j'aimerais danser toute ma vie.

Varsha - Fort Lauderdale (USA) - 07/02/2008 05:13 
Truly Spectacular performance. I loved every minute of it. Thanks for such beautiful work. Looking forward to see more such performances
Addchayi - Oslo (Norway) - 05/12/2007 19:36 
Hi sharmila. I Must say that you are a wonderful dancer, and I enjoy watching every single step and exspression of yours. I have been dansing bharatanatyam since I was a little child. I am finished with my exames, but I definitely will continue dansing. I also want to start dansing kathak bcause it is a beautful classical dance. Me ad my sister is having an arangetram (performanc) in bhratanatyam next year, and we wanted our last dance to be a bit special. We thought that I could dance kathak, while my sister will dance kucipudi. I hope it will turn out excellent! I hope you will come and have workshop in Norway. It is not that far from France, is it. From Addchayi
Ante - Osijek (Croatia) - 01/11/2007 02:08 
I admire every step of yours. You are a marvelous dancer. I don't know what else to say because the words aren't needed, the videos are talking them selfs. It is enough to say that you are watched even in Croatia in Europe.
yasmina23 - berlin (germany) - 13/10/2007 16:38 
i love the way how she dance the kathak and feel the rythm.
very very wonderful!!!!
tnt - pau (france) - 31/07/2007 21:29 
NP - fairfax (USA) - 29/06/2007 22:48  Mail
My daughter has been learning Kathak here for the past 7 years in the US. She is now 12, but my husband an dI do not see a substantial progress. We have seen your performances on youtube and are impressed. How can we improve our daughter's education? do you conduct any summer camps? Do you plan to visit US to conduct tecahing sessions? It is hard to find good Kathak teachers in the US.
suzanne - paris (france) - 09/04/2007 00:30 
Camille - Sceaux (France) - 10/03/2007 22:56 
Mariam - Paris (France) - 10/03/2007 22:56 
bouchra - issy les moulineaux (france) - 10/03/2007 22:56 
- Paris (France) - 10/03/2007 22:56